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Seniors’ Law @ Rennicks

As you transition into your senior years, it is important to gain an understanding of how the law can assist you in achieving your most important wishes.  From ensuring that your daughter receives that precious engagement ring to having the comfort of knowing that you have an Attorney or Guardian to make decisions for you should you lose capacity, Seniors’ Law @ Rennicks can help you achieve your specific wishes.

Seniors’ Law @ Rennicks offers a range of expert legal services, including:-

1.     Wills;
2.     Powers of Attorney;
3.     Estate and Succession Planning;
4.     Estate Administration;
5.     Estate Litigation;
6.     Superannuation; and
7.     Aged Care.

Seniors’ Law @ Rennicks offer care and attention for your legal needs.  Our Seniors’ Law team include:-

Joanne Hazeldene (Partner)
Laura Evans-McKendry (Solicitor)
Liz Fleming (Solicitor)
Lynda Winfield (Legal Assistant)
Maryanne Curtis (Legal Assistant)

For further information, please contact Seniors’ Law @ Rennicks on 13 000 RENNICKS (1300 073 664) or email