COVID-19 Our Position Update

Business Continuity

In light of the current Victorian Government COVID-19 restrictions, we would like to ensure that you are aware of our Business Continuity plans.  Rennick & Gaynor is managing the COVID-19 situation in a balanced and measured way, whilst continuing to deliver the same level of service to our clients.

Working Remotely

Rennick & Gaynor is geared towards working remotely and providing a flexible workplace.  We have made additional investments to cater for potential increased remote access to our infrastructure.  We are confident in our continued ability to provide our high-level service, regardless of our physical work locations.  Our phone, email and support systems are equipped to connect with remote working staff.

Containment Measures

In the interests of the safety of our staff, their families and our wider community, we are now undertaking the following measures:-

  • Limiting the number of staff & clients in our workplace at any given time in accordance with Government requirements.
  • Only urgent in person client meetings will be conducted (i.e. to sign documents which cannot be signed electronically or by audio-visual link together with evidence of COVID-19 double vaccination); instead we will conduct meetings by phone or video conference.  Please speak with our staff to discuss the conduct of these meetings.
  • All staff members who are required to meet with clients during the restrictions are taking precautions and adhering to all safety requirements, including all wearing of face masks and hygiene and distancing measures in accordance with the Government’s advice.
  • Clients attending our office are required to wear a face mask, sign in to our QR Code and provide evidence of their vaccination status as per Government advice.
  • Workplace communication channels are open to ensure there are minimal disruptions.

Contacting Us

Our switchboard number remains 03 9813 1911.  Should you wish to contact any of our Rennick & Gaynor team, you can do so by calling or emailing us as follows:-

Dan 9861 7730
Lauren 9861 7715
Selina 9861 7722
Craig 9861 7771
Liz 9861 7737
Narelle 9861 7781
Alina 9861 7779
Desmond 9861 7763
Claire 9861 7733
Matt 9861 7785
Pat 9861 7754
R&G Wills & Estates

03 9861 7758 Maryanne Curtis
03 9861 7720 – Natalie Wiseman
R&G Conveyancing
03 9861 7722 – Kellie Sydor
03 9861 7741 – Julie Martin
R&G Commercial 9861 7714 – Ann Stratourides
R&G Accounts 9861 7755 – Sandra Howard
R&G Administration 9813 1911 – Jenny Watt

Rennick & Gaynor remain committed to ensuring the success of our clients during these challenging times.  We wish all our clients, staff, their families and the wider community safety and wellness and we thank you for your understanding during this time.