An Authority publishes a Notice of Acquisition (“NOA”) to acquire all or part of your property (whether freehold or easement) and has made an offer of compensation to you.

Hypothetical fact situation

  1. Maryanne owns a property adjoining the highway.
  2. The Authority compulsorily acquires Maryanne’s property for the extension of the Authority’s works depot.
  3. The Authority has or will make an offer to Maryanne for the compulsory acquisition of her property.
  4. Maryanne now wishes to explore her rights and entitlement to compensation.

If your situation is similar to Maryanne’s, can you answer these questions?

  • What is the effect of the publication of the NOA?
  • Do you know your rights, obligations and entitlements to compensation which arise from these circumstances?
  • Are you able to argue for or against the acquisition and, if so, how is this done?
  • How is a claim for compensation made?
  • What expert advice is required to support your claim for compensation?
  • Do you know the tax benefits in purchasing a replacement property?

How can we help?

We can help by:-

  1. Exploring the benefits in retaining a valuer and other professionals to assist in determining the market value of your property;
  2. Explaining the processes prescribed in the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986 (“the Act“) for the making of your claim for compensation and the Authority’s reply;
  3. Explaining the items of claim prescribed in the Act which may be applicable to your circumstances; and
  4. Preparing and managing your claim for compensation.

The making of an appointment

Please make an appointment with us by telephoning one of our solicitors – Selina Clark (03) 9861 7731, Lauren Sullivan (03) 9861 7715 or Desmond Khoo (03) 9861 7763.

At this appointment, please bring the completed Client Information Sheet and as much of the documentation listed therein as you are able to gather as this will aid in the giving of advice.